• 1. What are armsprime coins?
    2. What is ARMS One wallet?

    ARMS One wallet, includes ARMS Coins in it. Arms One Wallet coins you can use across all ARMS Apps. Coins are a form of virtual currency that allow you to send stickers and likes to your favourite celeb. ARMS coins can be purchased against actual currency. There are different pricing packages available for the ARMS Coins purchase.

  • Where can you use ARMS Prime coins?

    1. Coins can be used to purchase gifts during live broadcasting of celeb. It includes hearts, lollipops, flowers, and other gifts which you could send to your favourite broadcasters in real time.
    2. Coins can be used to purchase premium content like photos & videos.

  • How to get Coins? OR My coins are over how to recharge coins?

    You can get the Coins by recharging your arms wallet. There are different packages available for the recharge, user can select any of the package. User can recharge their wallet using Paytm, Google Wallet, Apple Wallet.

  • How to earn Coins?

    Inviting friends to come to ARMS App's - You will earn coins for each person who logs in from your Facebook post, tweet, email, or Facebook or sms invite.

  • How to be in the Leader board ? OR How My name will list on the Leader board ? OR How I can become the Top Fan?

    Users will be listed in Artist leader board as per the users XP’s. Higher the XP’s higher will be the TOP FAN rank. The User who achieves the maximum XP’s will be the FAN of the Month and his/her name will be showcased on top of the rank.

  • What are stickers/Gifts??

    “Gifts/Stickers” are the icons that you see in the live broadcast. You can send them to the Celeb during their shows. You can buy stickers/gifts with coins, and they are a symbol of your dedication and appreciation.

  • What are XP points

    XP points can be earned from active participation in the ARMS App, Once the maximum ARMS XP’s are earned up to specified limit, you can redeem your XP’s against coins.

  • How to Earn XP points

    Active participation - The more time you spend watching, liking, spending, commenting, Logging in every day the more XP's you will earn.

  • How do I delete my account?

    Note that due to security reasons, you must go to the ARMSPRIME website (ARMSPRIME.com) on a desktop computer to terminate your account. When you terminate your account, you will be unable to reinstate it, and your fans, broadcasts, and activity will be permanently erased.

  • How to cancel my order?

    Once ordered product/package can not be cancelled.

  • I'm not able to purchase photo or videos

    1. Please check if you have the sufficient Coins balance to purchase the photo.
    2. If you have sufficient balance, and still you cant purchase coins contact: info@armsprime.com

  • How can I change my profile picture and/or cover photo?

    Your profile photo is automatically pulled from the social account (Facebook,Google+) you've used to register on ARMSPRIME. You can, however, change your profile or cover photo by following these steps:
    If you are on a mobile device, tap the default icon on the app's menu bar. From here, tap the pencil icon and then tap "Edit Profile." Tap on either your profile or cover photo to take a photo or select and upload from your photo gallery.

  • How to become FAN of THE MONTH?

    User with maximum active participation and maximum XP’s will become the FAN of the Month.

  • How can I get Refund?? OR How will I receive refund?

    Coins once purchased will not be refunded, for details please refer to the Refund Policy available at: Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • 1. Why my order is pending?
    2. My Orders is showing pending status?

    If the order status is "Pending", your payment hasn’t yet been processed. The status of an order will continue to display as pending until it expires, is completed, or has been voided. if payment is void amount dedcuted will be automatically refunded.

  • 1. Wallet is Coins not updated but account balance has been deducted?
    2. Didnt received coins but my account balance deducted

    Coins Purchase may fail when the network experiences an error. If in any case this has happened, the amount will automatically be refunded to the sender’s ARMS wallet. However,If sender did not receive the ARMS coins, just send us an email at info@armsprime.com stating the details of the transaction such as the Google/Apple Order ID and amount of the transaction and we’ll be happy to assist.

  • What is the FAN badge?

    If you are a active app user, you can earn a FAN badge that shows next to your name on your profile. This badge indicates you’ve reached the necessary goals to earn a FAN Badge. There are different badges, each with a more challenging goal to reach than the one before it.

  • How to reset the password?

    You can reset your app account password from the User profile section in the app, Under "User Profile" section you can see the Change Password tab, You can change the existing password or reset the password from this section.

  • 1. What will happen to my purchased coins if App gets discontinued?
    2. What if the app gets discontinued or removed from the app stores?

    Due to some reason, if celeb app gets discontinued/removed from the stores, Your existing app wallet coins will remain as it is and you can spend those coins on the other ARMS applications.

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